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Agitation Tanks & Paddle Mixers

Agitation tanks

Agitation tanks are used to provide a storage reservoir for mixed batches of grout from the high speed high shear mixer.

Three main functions:
I) Releases any air bubbles trapped during the mixing process.
II) The agitation of the specially shaped paddles keep the mix in suspension prior to pumping.
III) The tank acts as a storage reservoir for mixed batches allowing a continuous supply to be maintained for the pump.

Powered by either air, electric or hydraulic motors, the units are of robust design. A grout inlet pipe to connect to the mixer discharge is provided and mixed grout is passed through a screening basket to filter any large objects which could damage pumping equipment. Agitation tanks are available in
different capacities.

Paddle mixing tanks

Simple mechanical mixing of materials can be achieved in paddle mixing tanks. These are vertically mounted cylindrical tanks with a motor drive unit that rotates a vertical shaft to which the mixing paddles are fixed. In the Colcrete Paddle Mixer the paddles are pitched to improve material movement and specially shaped to minimise splash. There are also baffles fitted to the internal walls of the tank to create additional shear. As additional service we also offer you larger mixing tanks, available to special order, e.g. 1000 litres capacity and hand mixers of 90 litres.

The picture illustrates a 90 litre mixer that can be used both manually and with petrol engine.

Paddle Mixing Tank
Paddle Mixing Tank
A6000 AGITATION TANK 6000 7.5
A3000 AGITATION TANK 3000 5.5
A2000 AGITATION TANK 2000 5.5
A1000 AGITATION TANK 1000 3 4
A800 AGITATION TANK 800 2.2 3
A600 AGITATION TANK 600 2.2 3
A400 AGITATION TANK 400 1.5 2
A300 AGITATION TANK 300 1.5 2
M6000 PADDLE MIXER 6000 22
M1000 PADDLE MIXER 1000 7.5 5.5
M500 PADDLE MIXER 500 3 3
M300 PADDLE MIXER 300 2.2 2.2
M200 PADDLE MIXER 200 1.5 1.5
M90 PADDLE MIXER 90 (petrol) (hand)

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