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Bentonite / Microtunnel Lubrication Units

Designed primarily for the mixing and pumping of Bentonite and Polymers used as lubricants for Microtunnel and Pipejack construction, the Colcrete range of Microtunnel Lubrication Units (MLU’s) offer complete systems including mixers, storage tanks and injection pumps to meet a variety of requirements. They all incorporate the well-proven Colcrete Colloidal Mixer, which produces a very stable product, which resists water separation and retains its lubrication properties for longer when injected. A variety of pumps can be fitted, usually based upon well-proven grout pumps such as the Mocol and Minicol ranges.

Other combinations of mixers and pumps can be incorporated to meet most requirements.

Bentonite / Microtunnel Lubrication Units
Bentonite / Microtunnel Lubrication Units
Model Description Mixer Batch Capacity (Litres) Storage Batch Capacity (Litres) Max. Pump Press (Bars) Max Pump Output (L/M)
MLU1152 Micro-Lube Unit 120 150 100 35
MLU1650 Micro-Lube Unit 120 150 35 55
MLU1212 Micro-Lube Unit 150 750 90 130
MLU1664 Micro-Lube Unit 150 1000 90 130
MLU1280 Micro-Lube Unit 150 1500 90 130
MLU1291 Micro-Lube Unit 150 2000 90 130
M6000 Bentonite Mixer 300 6000 To suit To suit

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