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Grout Pumps (High Pressure)

Colcrete manufactures and supplies the comprehensive range of Colcrete high pressure ram and piston pumps, widely used for the pumping of cementitious grouts bentonite and other slurries in the construction, tunnelling and mining industries.

The Mocol range of double acting piston pumps are suitable for handling a wide variety of products including neat cement, PFA cement and sand cement grouts. All except the AL are Electro-hydraulic featuring variable displacement hydraulic pumps with power limiting controls. This provides accurate speed control without heat generation together with a full range of pressures from a single piston size, common to all the pumps. The Mocol HL and HS pumps can be supplied with a variety of power packs to provide the most economic solution to the required combination of output and pressure. The most common ones are shown in the table below.

Grout Pumps (High Pressure)
Grout Pumps (high Pressure)

The Minicol range of ram pumps cover the lower pumping rates and offer great flexibility in that they can be supplied for either vertical or horizontal installation and are available as “single acting”, “double acting” or “twin” pumps. They are designed for reliable operation and easy maintenance, having quick release valve assemblies. They are suitable for use with most grouts, bentonites and other slurries.

The hand powered Minicol 160H completes the range, being a versatile single acting ram pump, suitable for a wide variety of products including neat cement, PFA cement and fine sand cement grouts.

MOCOL HL (22kW) Grout Pump (D/acting piston) 12 100 22
MOCOL HL (15kW) Grout Pump (D/acting piston) 9.0 100 15
MOCOL HS (11kW) Grout Pump (D/acting piston) 8.0 90 11
MOCOL AL (Air) Grout Pump (D/acting piston) 10.0 50 11.3
MIDICOL 180DHP Grout Pump (D/acting ram) 8.0 100 15
MINICOL 160DHP Grout Pump (D/acting ram) 4.5 100 11
MINICOL 160V Grout Pump (Twin Ram vertical) 4.5 100 11
MINICOL 160D Grout Pump (D/acting ram) 4.8 30 7.5
MINICOL 135T Grout Pump (Twin ram) 1.5 100 5.5
MINICOL 135V Grout Pump (Twin Ram vertical) 1.8 100 7.5
MINICOL 160SHP Grout Pump (S/acting ram) 2.2 100 5.5 5.5
MINICOL 160H Grout Pump (S/acting ram) 1.5 10

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