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High Level Tunnel

Herrenknecht Hard Rock TBMHindustan Construction Co Ltd (HCC) recently took delivery of a Herrenknecht Hard Rock TBM (2500 OD 3065). The total length of this TBM is 56 metres and Colcrete Eurodrill supplied its integral automatic grout injection system.

The project is the Ghatkopar High Level Tunnel, in Mumbai India. The 2500 mm internal diameter tunnel, will be segmentally lined with PCC rings. The tunnel will be 2.6 km long through basalt, fractured, weathered, to solid up to 150 MPa. It is believed this is the first time a shielded hard rock TBM is to be used in India, and the first time gasketed linings will be used there too.

Peter Schmäh, Senior Engineer for Herrenknecht on the project told us, “We Decided to select Colcrete Ltd because we had to go for a two component grouting system. This is what our Customer requested, and there are technical advantages too. We have been pleased with the service provided by them and have experienced absolutely no problems on this project.”

Paul Knight, Technical/Business Development Manager for Colcrete Ltd said, “This range of equipment has been very successful for us. The grout pump fitted on this equipment gives an output of up to 10,000 litres per hour. The equipment incorporates synchronized injection of grout and accelerator, with a constant pressure facility, and the pressure is measured by electronic pressure transducers. These are some of the features the customer required.”

Mark Merrie, who is acting as deputy Project Manager for HCC visited the Colcrete Ltd works prior to delivery to familiarize himself with the equipment. Mr Merrie commented that he was impressed with the company and the equipment available. “Its been a long time since I have seen a British grout plant manufacturer, and I was impressed to see the technical advances that have been made.”

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